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Just dowloaded pathfinder kingmaker and started playing around with it. The UI looks different to what I see in some of the Youtube walkthrus. I guessed there are some mods involved, so I looked around. Found a thing about installing UnityModManager, so I did that. But where do I get mods?

Movement seems awfully clunky with the basic game. The camera is difficult to move around smoothly, and the only way I've figured to move is to click somewhere so the AI moves the party there. May be some mods involved there too, or it may be I'm just clumsy.

Any suggestions?
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I suggest getting used to it. That's how isometric cRPG's do. Did you think it's skyrim or something? wsad to move camera right-click and drag for positioning and quite a bit of micro in pauses.
Hm. Did you think I'm an experienced crpg player? 1. I'm 73. 2. It's been at least a decade since the last time I played any CRPG. I've played MMOs, but movement in those is easier than in this, at least for me. But okay, if "get used to it" is the answer, so be it.
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It's comfortable once you get used to it. pretty much the same control scheme all strategy games employed since forever except you can move the camera with WSAD, which is convenient. Best I can do is to advise you to pause more often for ease of use. If you'll find it too hectic maybe TB mod is for you.