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Greetins everyone.

First, English is not my native language, so please excuse my grammar. While i would have enjoyed the incluson of the Summoner class (especially the Master Summoner Archetype), i was very excited when i saw the Monster Tactician included in the Inquisitor class. Alas, when i were testing it, i could not but realize that there are two several bugs in the base abilities of the class:

- In first place, the Summon Tactics (lv 5) does not apply any teamwork feat on the summons. I have tested it extensively, and no bonus is applied whenever feat it is, disturbing one of the core essences of the archetype.

- Secondly, i know there it is supposed that only ONE summon monster should be active at the same place, but this is, as i believe, per Inquisitor. When i tried to use 2, or more, inquisitors, i sadly realize that if an inquisitor summon one monster, and another one uses his spell like ability to summon one, the first monster summoner vanish, even if it is from another party member. I am lead to believe that it is unintentional, because it makes no sense that all the party share a "summon monster pool" (since i have no problem having several summoned monsters with wizards, clerics and such), so again, maybe that should be corrected.

I would thank any double check on this issues, and thanks in advance to our developing team for addresing the issue, as they are doing with too many others. Yours,