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I'm playing as an elven wizard with an int of 20. At first level, I get 5 skill points but on second level I get 4. What is going on here?

I also noticed that I'm not getting maximum hit points. Is there some way to get a break down of what I'm getting?

Edit: Also, why does Valerie get 3 skill points at level 2 (instead of 2 skill points)?
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Each stat mod represents 0.5 skill per level gain. So you will get 5 at every other level. When/if you will increase the stat further you'll get everything you would get retroactively.

For Val it's 2base+1human=3.
So thats how skill points work. Thanks!

As for hit points, I did some investigating and its looking to be average hit points, rounded up, + con, +1 (fav class bonus?).
You're on the money with HP.

So, a Barbarian with 18 Constitution at level 1 would have 17HP.
(d12 Hit Die + 4 Constitution + 1 Favored Class)

At each level up, he'd gain another 12HP.
(Half of d12 = 6.5 [rounded to 7] + 4 Constitution + 1 Favored Class)