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So wanting to get the most out of the melee capabilities the Dragon disciple gets, largely ignoring the spell casting except for two spells(enlarge and shield) and were wondering if you folks think this would be a good build?

Starting human with +2 STR, two handed fighter arctype and ability scores as follows:

STR 18 DEX 10 CON 14 Int 14 WIS 10 CHA 14

Feats: Thoughness, Armor focus heavy armor and weapon focus(not sure which 2H weapon to pick)

Levels as follows: 1-6 Two handed fighter(to get feats and 2nd attack as soon as possible), 7 Eldritch Scion(qualifies you for DD and gives you shield and enlarge person), 8-11 DD(gets you bite attack, some AC and most importantly +4 STR)
after this I am not sure if just to pick Two handed fighter for the rest of the levels or maybe paladin or armored hulk?

ability increases will be 4 in STR, 5th one does not matter as the build has no uneven stats