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Verified install files etc. Anyone else having crashes on trying to enter, or found a fix? Google showed some other results for same problem, and others with no problems, so dunno how to fix. Thanks alls.
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Here. I am having the same problem T_T
It did not crash for me. It just took a long time to load. Have you tried just being patient? If not there is nothing particularly interesting in the cave anyhow. So you dont miss much by skipping it.
I thought at first the problem was still present (hence I searched on Internet), but after trying a few things (following nullSong adice) I realize that loading screen simply doesn't appear (or it is a black loading screen ?). The zone took ~70 sec to load (while normally I need ... 10 seconds ? ) Also the grotto, I appeared to have 0 light, but I saw the floor & environment after casting a Light spell (for the first time...).

What he's is saying is right, but still it is odd to have one long loading screen (or absence thereof) different for a unimportant zone.
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Crashes here as well