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First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the wonderful builds you made.

Second, there is one thing that is bugging me. In your build of Harrim - Necrolord you're taking the "Combat Casting" feat in the end of the progression. However, you're increasing his AC so that Harrim can survive in the front line. The question is: for a frontline caster shouldn't Combat Casting be taken earlier? Or may be from the start? Even Touch of Chaos is a spell-like ability, so it incurs the concentration check; how would this build cast in melee without Combat Casting? +4 might not be much, but it is something, isn't it?
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Level 9 Amiri - "Ranger - Cleave RF, Cleaving Finish"

Anyone know what RF stands for? Regular feat, maybe? Ranger feat?
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Thanks for this wonderfull thread.
Much appreciated.
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Using this build, but she never produces a companion. I have a range beast lord main, thought it was that, but Ekun and I can go together and get dual companions, but Amiri never produces one. I've even respec'd her several times.

Amiri - Beast Lord
End Game: Barbarian 2 / Sacred Huntsman 6 / Ranger 5 / Two-Handed Fighter 7
Melee Damage Build
Roahin: Tristian - Fire Lord
End Game: Ecclesitheurge 6 / Empyreal Sorcerer 4 / Mystic Theurge 10
Ranged Damage / Healer Build

Build Notes: By the time you get him at Cleric 3, Tristian will already be about as powerful a healer as you're going to need for a long time. He has lots of Channels for great amounts and plenty of spell slots to convert to healing. The idea with this build is that between using those Channels or spontaneously casting some Cure Spells, he's just obliterating the battlefield in fire damage as befits the Cleric of the Goddess of the Sun and Fire. Because of his large Wisdom, the sheer number of spell slots that a Theurge gets (including sharing spell slots between classes) and the Sorcerer's innate high spells per day, Tristian can just be toggled to fire off any number of powerful damaging spells in auto-combat.
Warning: This build gets extremely powerful fairly quickly and tends to trivialize the game somewhat. It's next to impossible to run out of spells, and all he has are extremely powerful heals and extremely powerful damaging spells.

Starting Stats
09 Strength
12 Dexterity
12 Constitution
10 Intelligence
17 Wisdom
16 Charisma
Skills: Persuasion 3, Lore (Nature) 3, Lore (Religion) 3, Perception 3
Feats: Extra Channel, Selective Channel, Extend Spell

Leveling Stats
Level 4 - Empyreal Sorcerer 1
Attributes: Wisdom +1
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) +3
Feats: Spell Focus (Evocation)
Spells: Burning Hands(1), Magic Missile(1)

Level 5 - Empyreal Sorcerer 2
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) +2, Lore (Religion) +1
Feats: Spell Specialization (Magic Missile)
Notes: Tristian should be auto-casting Magic Missile for the foreseeable future. Spell Specialization gives him an extra missile with every cast.

Level 6 - Empyreal Sorcerer 3
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) +1, Lore (Religion) +2
Spells: Ray of Enfeeblement(1)

Level 7 - Empyreal Sorcerer 4
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Point Blank Shot, *Spell Specialization (Burning Arc)
Spells: Burning Arc(2)
Notes: Burning Arc is a great, underrated low-level spell. It does as much single target damage as a Fireball, doesn't risk hitting allies, and is available early. With Spell Specialization, you're good for 6d6 out the gate. Elemental Focus and Spell Focus stack for raising its DC. Also, there are a number of ray spells that Tristian will have access to. While you shouldn't put off Spell Specialization, Precise Shot is your next highest priority.

Level 8 - Mystic Theurge 1
Attributes: Wisdom +1
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Combined Spells (1st), *Spell Specialization (Magic Missile)
Spells: Mage Armor(1), Scorching Ray(2)
Notes: Wew! This is the level that Tristian begins to use his 2nd level Cleric spell slots for 1st level Sorcerer spells. Between his Sorcerer and Cleric slots, he can fire off 10 casts of Spell Specialized Magic Missile (although they come in separate stacks).

Level 9 - Mystic Theurge 2
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Precise Shot
Spells: Fireball(3)

Level 10 - Mystic Theurge 3
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Combined Spells (2nd)
Spells: Shield(1), Molten Orb(2), Haste(3)
Notes: Just to give you a sense of his auto-casting firepower, Tristian has eleven 5d4+5 Magic Missiles, ten 7d6 Burning Arcs, and six 7d6 Fireballs, plus a few Domain spells and his channels.

Level 11 - Mystic Theurge 4
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Elemental Focus (Fireball)
Spells: Dragon's Breath(4)
Notes: By this point, Tristian has both Resist Energy, Communal AND Protection from Energy, Communal. This will help him fire off his high DC Fireballs and Dragon's Breath spells with impunity into the party and monsters. It should be noted that Spell Focus and Elemental Focus both stack with one another.

Level 12 - Mystic Theurge 5
Attributes: Wisdom +1
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Combined Spells (3rd)
Spells: Mirror Image(2), Displacement(3), Obsidian Flow(4)

Level 13 - Mystic Theurge 6
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Greater Elemental Focus (Fire), *Spell Specialization (Flamestrike)
Spells: Fire Snake(5)

Level 14 - Mystic Theurge 7
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Combined Spells (4th)
Spells: False Life(2), Dispel Magic(3), Volcanic Storm(4), Geniekind(5)

Level 15 - Mystic Theurge 8
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Greater Spell Focus (Evocation), *Spell Specialization (Hellfire Ray)
Spells: Hellfire Ray(6)
Notes: For those keeping score, Tristian is functionally a 23rd level character and has access to 6th level spells from each list. Hellfire Ray has a higher damage cap than most other spells (15d6) and higher levels produce more rays. This'll be your go-to Specialization for the immediate future.

Level 16 - Mystic Theurge 9
Attribute: Wisdom +1
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Spells: Controlled Fireball(4), Cloudkill(5), Sirocco(6)

Level 17 - Mystic Theurge 10
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +1
Feats: Metamagic (Quicken Spell)
Spells: Firebrand(7)
Notes: It's a worthwhile idea to start using Quicken immediately. For example, while Firesnake is a nice 5th level spell, when forced to choose between that and a simultaneous x2 15d6 Hellfire Ray with a Quickened 5d4+5 Magic Missile, you might be better just using the 5th level spells for Quickened slots.

Level 18 - Ecclesitheurge 4
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +2
Notes: It's a judgement call on whether to continue leveling Cleric or Sorcerer at this point. Sorcerer is probably the better pick, but Cleric is more conceptually appropriate.

Level 19 - Ecclesitheurge 5
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +2
Feats: Improved Critical (Ray), *Spell Specialization (Fire Storm)

Level 20 - Ecclesitheurge 6
Attributes: Wisdom +1
Skills: Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Persuasion +2
I'm trying to use this build but can someone please explain why I have no option to choose "Spell Specialisation"? It's not listed on the Feats I can choose from. I am playing a console version of the game. I've searched all over the web but can't find an answer. Help would be much appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
I could really use the same. On console as well and theres a Spell Secialization at Lvl 6 and 9 and since this is my first play through Ive no idea which to go with.
Valerie Tank build won't work with the current patch, for whatever reason it's not possible to take improved unarmed + crane style on level 5, but if you take them on level 3 and do bastard sword focus + dazzling display on level 5 it works fine.
Barleyman: Valerie Tank build won't work with the current patch, for whatever reason it's not possible to take improved unarmed + crane style on level 5, but if you take them on level 3 and do bastard sword focus + dazzling display on level 5 it works fine.
It worked fine for me. Maybe Crane Style was behind a sub menu of sorts? (I don't recall). Have attached a picture, which is from the 2.1.5 patch (2.1.7 doesn't exist for us penguins :cry: )

Do anybody have a suitable build for Nok-Nok, that follows the 'philosophy' of these other builds by Roahin? Just go fully into Rogue?

Since I've played through the game a couple times before, I wanted to try out Nok-Nok fully. Planned to go with a party of Sword Swaint / Duelist (by Roahin) as MC, then Jaethal (tank), Nok-Nok, Octavia, Linzi (support), Tristian (Theurge). That would mean no archer, which has already been painful against the super-OP alchemists, and I don't even want to think about the pain in the latter stages of the game. But wanted to try something new.

Is this viable, and if it's required, how can I fit in Dazzling Display (Valerie has it, but she will be dropped for Nok-Nok, that was my idea at least).

Regongar - Draconic Guardian

for level 5 , there is no crane style to take. I took improved unarmed and it's not hiding behind a feat in a sub list.


Amiri - Beast Lord

Nothing was put for what Attribute to take a level 4

all thats listed is

Level 4 - Sacred Huntsman 3
Skills: Athletics +1, Mobility +1, Lore (Nature) +1, Lore (Religion) +1, Perception +1
Feats: Precise Strike
Spells: Expeditious Retreat(1)
Notes: As a Sacred Huntsman, Amiri shares her Teamwork feats with her Smilodon. Precise Strike therefor means his 5 attacks gain a +1d6 additional damage each when flanking with Amiri, which he should always be doing.
Roahin: A quick note to people who have been asking for new builds or had questions about existing ones...

A couple of months ago I'd been doing a write up for Kanerah / Kalikke and kept running into a problem. The best part of the Tiefling is that they're two in one. One of them can be used purely as a hole-filler for your party while the other is mained for ability. But the issue is that making a build that way presupposes holes in your party and I'd really only been offering single builds for companions. This has actually been an ongoing issue. Some of the best feats in the game are Teamwork feats - something that's been painfully lacking in my builds because I hate gimping a character by presupposing that the rest of your party will have compatible Teamwork feats / builds.

So I decided the natural evolution is to start making adventuring party builds. A party of 5 NPCs built around theme, concept and filling all the important and necessary roles for the party. All the skill checks would be met, all the camping options handled, and no weaknesses in combat for any situation. This would allow the player to make any kind of character and know that he's got support and doesn't have to build toward any niche.

I'd written up four parties, a Lawful Evil, Chaotic Good, Lawful Good and True Neutral and was a good chunk of the way through a Neutral Good party when my Hard Drive died. I thought my builds were backed up on Cloud storage, but they weren't. (As a side note, GOG Galaxy quit syncing saves with Pathfinder because of how much memory all the saves took, so those guys were gone too.)

Faced with the exhausting idea of starting from scratch, I'd just about quit posting. Eventually, I'm sure I'll find the motivation and start a new thread with full companion parties, but for now, that's where I'm at.

Thanks for all the kind words from people that enjoyed the builds.
Years later but that is quite sad story.
Hope one day you get motivated enough to do it, because that would be amazing, even more for new players that are overwhelmed with the character complexity and the prospect of making a party that complement eachother.
But until then, thanks for the builds you made.
Nok-Nok ? Rogue-Assassin is best and a natural.

On the same topic "Companion Builds" is false, because if you don't have the gold, you can't build companions from scratch, like in other games, you must use the pre-builds and annoying woke carp they give you.
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AS882010M0: Nok-Nok ? Rogue-Assassin is best and a natural.

On the same topic "Companion Builds" is false, because if you don't have the gold, you can't build companions from scratch, like in other games, you must use the pre-builds and annoying woke carp they give you.
Super important point!