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I try to create a new character and as of 1.0.4 it is impossible to make a magic based character because their are no lvl 1 spells to choose from and i cant advance to the next step.

example: sorcerer, Golden dragon bloodline choose spell = no level 1 spells available.
The spells are invisible since the patch,not only at character creation. It is the same when you level up. They fix 2 things and break four. I'ts a joke really.
That's the problem with modern high speed - sure, you get patches every day.
Those patches might not be tested though and might break even more things.
Luckily, the next day may fix those and not introduce more bugs than it fixed.

Or one might just wait a week or two until the biggest issues are fixed (but then, that's almost like playing a new game for more than an hour before abandoning it, how oldfashioned...)
Note to OP: Just click where the spells are supposed to be. Use trial and error to get the ones you want, till they fix it.

Also, I wonder if the workarounds for the original missing-text problem might help this?