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Hi all - looking for help.

My understanding is that I should be able to access the Tenebrous Depths around the same time as the Troll Trouble announcement. I did not realize the problem in my first game until right before Chapter 4 when I was searching the wiki and saw a reference to the dungeon. When I checked in my game, I saw that that portion of my overland map was blank.

Luckily, I had a save from right before the end of Chapter 1, but I just reached the same point (troll trouble announced) and I still am not getting the event that makes Tenebrous Depths accessible. Is there any way to force it to show up? Anyone else have this bug?

You need to start a new game to access the Tenebrous Depths. It's a completely separate scenario from the main story.
Depths are sometime after the trolls. You kinda shouldn't have the time to do it during the crisis anyway and some levels..
the dungeon appeared for me after i defeated the stag lord. it showed up around the same time as troll trouble.

i went to it once to look at it and then left since it seemed like it was going to be annoying and i was waiting for a specific event to trigger.