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I had recently finished the first chapter and was on my way to deal with the troll issues and went to change my spells, but then I noticed a character I had before opening the spell book dissapers. No message or warning he just litterally was there and then not. Entering the nearest area he also instantly dissapears with no message or warning. Sudden loss of a character for no reason is a no go and I frankly will have to stop playing till this is resolved.

If needed I can provide the save to offical devs and let them take a look at what is going on.

Loading any save seems to cause that character to dissapear either after opening the spellbook, or after entering an area. Some times he is shown in the save pictures but then dissapears before I can load the page. He dissapears for any of the saves after getting a kingdom but not before completing the kingdom quest. I did not used to have this issue.
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