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Spoiler Alert.....

In Ekundayo's Bury the Past quest line, the quest is initated by the bartender Elina comming to the throne room. I chose the lawful neutral dialog option, finished up with the rest of my kingdom management, and then went out to go and find Ekundayo based on Elina' sinformation about him going to the Ford across the river Gudrin.

Unfortunately, no quest ever activated or appeared in my quest log.Looking around online, it looks like Elina's conversationis supposed to trigger the Bury the Past Quest line. I have seen other posters online mention that the lawful neutral response does not start the quest for them either. I have searched everywhere at the Ford, and even gone back to Ekun's original spawn point, but he is nowehre to be found. He is gone out of my party log as well.

Is there any way to get him back, or somehow initiate "Bury the Past"? Unfortunately I do not have a saved game from the time before he left, so I cant just reload an earlier session.
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This looks like bug. Can you, please, use the in-game bug report feature?

Press F11 to access the report function which will gather all the required information (screenshot, save file collected automatically). Please, specify if you use any mods.