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Hello everyone,

I'm relatively new to the game.
I've already been a barbarian for a few hours, but just to get to know the game.
Actually I would like to play as Sorcerer or Wizard.
Unfortunately the whole possibilities are a bit much in the beginning. So I wanted to ask if anyone knows any tips or builds?
At the moment I tend to play a human Sorcerer with the Dragon Bloodline Bronze. That probably only makes sense when you later become a Dragon Disciple, doesn't it?
I'm really not deep enough into the mechanics of either PTTRPG or PKCRPG enough to respond comprehensively, but here is a short version I have picked up: If you know all about what you are doing, high level Wizard is probably one of the most powerful and versatile playstyles imaginable. If you do it right. But highish level Sorc, even (or perhaps especially?) with other classes mixed in, might be more powerful in terms of brute force overall overkill in this game. I try to play non-casters, so I tend to stay out of this particular debate, but if that is your chosen conundrum, I would probably sorc for fun and profit until I truly know how to wiz.
Due to the nature of cRPG vs PnP, Sorcerer is a better choice. The main value of Wizard is the versatility, they can adapt to any situation due to a wide variety of magic they can switch up according to intel - this makes them a far more viable class in PnP than Sorcerer.

However, this is a cRPG - encounters are mostly fixed as well as having a very limited list compared to the sum total of rulebooks. Therefore, if you finish one play, a Sorcerer is far more powerful than a Wizard since you can handle the vast mayority of the game with a few spells.

So i would suggest Sorcerer, unless you opt in for mods. I plan to try a mod run next in a few weeks.
I know this is late, but here we go: As somebody who has already played a Wizard, I'd have to say that, with the constraints of the game, Sorcerer is a "Better" choice. However, if I'm going squishy spellcaster type, I'd give serious consideration to starting out as a fighter type (as you did) and running that until you're around Level 5, when the Wizard and Sorcerer truly come online. Until then, you're going to have Linzi for buffs and you won't have to wait too long to get other spellcasters. Valerie and another fighter up front is invaluable early game. Then just respec once you get to 5.