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I'm trying to play a lawful good character in the new Kingmaker game. Every time I reload a saved game, I see a faint message beneath my alignment that says something like "alignment shift to neutral." At first I thought my character's actions were causing the message and that my character's alignment had changed by a tiny amount, so I restarted the game several times to see what I was doing wrong. This most recent time I kept checking my alignment every few screens and saved the game often to see if any of my choices had caused the tiny shift in alignment.

However, now I think it may be a bug because it only happens when I reload a saved game. (And it is cumulative -- every time I load a saved game, there is an extra message stating that my alignment has shifted to neutral.) Is my character's alignment actually shifting slightly with each of those accumulated messages? Or can I ignore them? I don't want to end up playing a neutral character.

Any information or help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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