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Changelog for Update (added 30 October 2018):

* Fixed environment colliders on Amusement Park level
* Fixed item interaction with dead bodies
* Fixed dead bodies counting as targets on Bar level
* Added Easy difficulty to the Local co-op mode
* Tweaked cheat codes
* Fixed opening cutscene not loading properly
* Fixed PS3/4 input controller UI
* Fixed 2 controllers not working if plugged in at the same time in the singleplayer
* Fixed NPC scripts and level completion on the Motel level
* Fixed Shawn O'Panda character's abilities
* Fixed Twitch integration extension connection
* Fixed body containers on some levels
* Fixed police bug on the Hospital level
* Lethal bodyguards' appearances now differ from those of non-lethal ones
* Fixed text inaccuracies in the options menu
* Fixed credits
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.0.013 (added 05 November 2018):

* Game now rewards you with more points on Stealth & Mystic branches
* Added stealth objectives on several levels
* Added stealth combo challenges
* Stealth combo cooldown is longer now
* Condom can now be used multiple times
* ID cards are bigger now on Hospital
* Fixed the UFO on Motel
* Fixed level completion on Punch Club
* Fixed objectives with time limits
* Fixed timer on Boss
* Fixed Read the hospital registry objective on Hospital
* Fixed Capture the underboss & Capture the professor objectives on Laboratory
* Fixed hidden objectives on Factory
* Fixed The Beefcake from the Future event
* Fixed bridge texture on North Cape Hotel
* Fixed Archer issues on Hospital
* Fixed TNT on Factory
* Fixed Bigfoot objective on North Cape Hotel
* Fixed the electricity that boomboxes emit
* Fixed combo indicators appearing during cutscenes
* Fixed character unlock issues
* Fixed dialogues on North Cape Hotel
* Fixed typos in different languages
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.0.014 (added 09 November 2018):

* Fixed timer position on Boss
* Added general objective progress counter (in %)
* Added an oil jerrycan to the tutorial spot on Bar
* Zombies now exude acid
* Fixed the Foreman's bodyguard freezing upon death of one of the players in co-op
* Fixed bigfoot objective on North Cape Hotel
* Fixed colliders on Motel
* Fixed glass colliders on VIP Club
* Fixed police UI issues
* Fixed security objective on VIP Club
* Fixed chickens objective on VIP Club
* Fixed crates loot
* Fixed cleaning woman's issues with water
* Fixed controls rebinding randomly
* Fixed music issue on VIP Club
* Fixed bikers-related objectives on Motel and Bridge-Fixed resuscitation issues
* Fixed dead people reacting to money
* Localization tweaks
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.0.015 (added 26 November 2018):

* Fixed cutscenes not playing correctly on Windows 7/Vista
* Now you can hide in the dumpster on VIP Club
* Fixed stairs bug on VIP Club
* Fixed shortcut on VIP Club
* Removed broken glass collider on VIP Club
* Fixed an objective on Amusement Park
* Changed player and biker enemies spawn positions on Amusement Park
* Fixed traps on Laboratory
* Fixed cage trap on Laboratory
* Made immortal partygoer mortal on North Cape Hotel
* Fixed Bigfoot behavior on North Cape Hotel
* Fixed body container in the morgue on Hospital
* Fixed hole in the wall on Bar
* Fixed pills causing no effect when used on the ventilation system on Bar
* Fixed toilet collision issue (falling under the level) on Punch Club
* Fixed bouncer behavior on Club
* Fixed sounds synchronization and other audio issues on Subway
* Fixed boombox being vulnerable to stabs
* Fixed level scroll available after the last level completion