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Just a head's up for anyone that's trying to run this game on Linux and getting a crash on startup.
The Vulkan drivers on Linux are still a little bit wonky.
I've been trying to get the game to run on Asus Vivobook 15 with little luck.
It turned out, the issue is the fact that the Vulkan drivers aren't fully implemented yet for Intel Iris XE CPUs.
The Vivobooks have a GPU built into the Intel chup (The Iris XE) and then a GPU as well (Nvidia MTX350)

The problem is that the Linux Mesa drivers (INTEL-MESA) try to use the CPU first, and this crashes Parkitect on startup since it uses certain shaders and features the CPU can't support natively. .

You can fall back on the openGL settings with -force-opengl

That'll get it to run, but with slower performance. You will need to go into the Mesa Vulkan config and specify the Nvidia GPU as the primary GPU, and NOT the CPU.

Under Windows, this is easy because it's baked right into the Nvidia control panel (Select the preferred GPU).

Just throwing this post up here in case anyone else starts googling why Parkitect doesn't run under Linux with the Vulkan API on Nvidia and Intel hardware
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Well, that's Nvidia being the tarty waffle, not Linux or Vulkan; Nvidia refuses to open the codebase for developers.