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Copied over from Steam, as it wasn't posted here yet:

significant performance improvements
added Spinning Coaster
added 4D Cinema
added palm trees
added customizable colors for some shop products
added area delete tool
added controls instructions (beginning of a tutorial system)
added monitor selection
added camera scroll/zoom sensitivity settings
added autosave + save hotkey (Z by default)
added more rebindable keys
added detection of performance problems due to mods
added lateral and longitudinal G visualizations + graphs
improved audio panning
improved tracked ride stat visualizations
improved weather
improved Janitor behaviour for cleaning dirty toilets
improved translation support
increased guest spawn rate by 25%
fixed stat heatmap visualizations not working on lowest quality settings
fixed rides saying they have outdated values after loading savegame
fixed raised objects not being placed at correct height if raising over sloped terrain
fixed broken employee colors
fixed errors when trying to load a savegame containing non-existant tracked rides (e.g. missing mods)