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Changelog for Update 1.0.14 (added 11 September 2020)
- Possible fix for those who only get a blackscreen on startup
- Fix wording on worship upgrade
- Fix for issue where the world would pop in and out around the Crimson Acid sewer area
- Fix for softlock if you try and bring up Starlight when in the Fast Travel screen
- Fix for 'Sticky Aim' which didn't always apply new values if done via the Pause Menu
- Possible fixes for inifinite jump issue plus a 'kill volume' placed high in the air to attempt to reset you if you do still see the bug.
- Fix to reset gravity settings on respawn
- Fix for missing collision to Syndicate Graveyard & Opulent Ziggurat
- Fix for collision hole in the mountain near the Graveyard
- Fix to stop 'Missing Upgrade' screen automatically re-opening if seen in a Scene Investigation
- Fix for flickering ocean if set to 'Low Quality' and looking straight down
- Fix for trees / foliage moving wildly
- Fix for some incorrect text highlighting in dialogue
- Some grammar fixes
- Adding dialogue if interacting with if already completed
- New setting to disable camera smoothing when using a controller
- New setting so you can lower the voice line frequency if you want
- Note this has been moved from 'Accessibility' to 'Audio'
Changelog for Update (added 01 October 2020)

Galaxy updated (01 October 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (06 October 2020)
We have just put a new patch live which fixes a few things including the black screen issues and hopefully some of the Starlight softlocks. It also adds the ability to disable the rotating background in Lydia's car to reduce vertigo for some players.

Source: Steam
Changelog for Update 1.1.2 (added 19 August 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (19 August 2021)
Paradise Killer is Out Now in Asia!

Get ready to explore Paradise Island: Paradise Killer is launching in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese today.
Source: Steam
Changelog for Update (added 16 March 2022)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (16 March 2022)
Paradise Killer - Huge FREE Content Update

Return to Paradise Island in this updated and enhanced version of Paradise Killer!

This new content update includes:

- DX12 support
- Ray Tracing (Ray Traced Reflections)*
- Advanced upscaling (NVidia DLSS and AMD SR)
- Brand new music from the game's original composer, Barry "Epoch" Topping.
- New mysterious beings and additional quests.
- New rewards, extra Starlight skins, and more collectibles to find.
- Performance improvements
- A HUDless mode

*Raytracing requires a compatible NVidia RTX GPU, DirectX 12 and Windows 10 Build 1809. To play with Raytracing, please launch the game in DirectX 12 mode
Source: Steam