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Is there any solution to the slow unit movement running PG2 in Win,8.1?

I was playing on Vista where the units moved about the speed of light. Too fast!

That system went down and this new one,with Windows 8.1, has them crawling along as if I had time warped back to 1990 and Windows 3.11

Any help appreciated!

As usual playing around with the game provided the solution.

All I had to do was lower the graphic quality setting which raised the processing speed. Since the graphics on these older games can only be marginally helped using higher(quality) graphic settings I did not notice any loss of image quality. The speeding up of the units did however immensely raise the overall gaming experience .As a bonus, the sound effects play more smoothly too. Before the settings change they had a grinding effect as they played during any unit's movement.

BTW-I am playing on a Windows 8.1 laptop with a Nvidia 840m card. I used the Nvidia control panel to lower the quality settings to 50%.
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I found solution for the sluggish unit movement. You need to create a .reg file and combine it with registry. The file I used is below, basically important thing is to force direct draw. This solved sluggishness issue for me, although sometime some graphics errors show up.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers]
"E:\\Gry\\Panzer General 2\\PG2UK220.EXE"="$ DWM8And16BitMitigation WINXPSP3 Layer_ForceDirectDrawEmulation"