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If Panzer General 3D Assault is on here, I don't see why Scorched Earth can't be, it's similar but set in the eastern front and has a bunch of improvements to the game.
It would be cool if they added it. I own an original copy of the game on disc, but it doesn't work well with windows 7. I tried adjusting compatibility mode and I can get the game to install, but it crashes too frequently to play. Good luck getting it to run on Win 8 or 10.

However, I did find a work around. After trying like hell to install XP as a second OS and failing miserably, I found a program called VirtualBox. I installed a virtual copy of XP on my system and subsequently installed Panzer General III and I am off to the races! Its , the program, kinda clunky and not quite the same as a regular install, but its good enough.

Pretty cool, and I am sure it will work for some other games I have. I just thought I'd share that for anyone else who has a copy of the game and doesn't want to wait for GOG to put it in its inventory. I was jonesing to play PGIII and didn't stop trying to install it till i found a way.

Do a search for virtualbox-org by Oracle.
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Update to Previous Post::

Regarding installing PG III: Scorched Earth

I found that I am able to install the original CD version of the game on Windows 7. Albeit there are some caveats to a successful install.

1). The Windows security update MS15-097 will break games that require secu-rom drm.

"After you install this security update, some programs may not run. (For example, some video games may not run.) To work around this issue, you can temporarily turn on the service for the secdrv.sys driver by running certain commands, or by editing the registry. "

2) Temporarily disable update: run command prompt with administrator privileges then key in

sc config secdrv start= demand

then enter

sc start secdrv

then enter

3) Now you will be able to install PG III SE

Also, I did not adjust anything in the "windows compatibility mode"

For a more thorough explanation see the security update workaround on the MS site.

(cant post any links here so)

search for



You have to do step 2) each time you reboot your system and want to run the game. Pain, I know, but blame Microsoft for not supporting older games.
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