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I've been trying to desperately get campaigns from adlerkorps website as well as from other websites to work.

Each time, they either break my game or make every campaign in it , including the ones I've downloaded, completely broken and non-runnable...Also, when I run the 2.20 version of the .exe, when hopping on the start campaign menu, the flags next to the campaign names disappeared... Is that normal? I tried reinstalled a fresh GOG version, the issue is still there...

Therefore, I'd like to have help and eventually a working procedure to get user-made content to work on the GOG version of the game which seems to use different files than the original CD retail version of PG2.

Thanks in advance
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Campaigns and scenarios from AK requires "Adlerkorps EFile", new Panzer2.dat, new icons (graphics switcher) and new sounds*

After that, you can install and play custom campaigns and scenarios from AK.

2. Extract to "scenario" folder.
3. Check what maps are required.

1. Files goes to "scenario" or "userscen" folder (read description)

1. Search by names - (each map has 3 files: shp, map, txt)
2. Files goes to:
- shp - folder "map"
- map - folder "scenario"
- txt - folder "scenario"

Map and txt are often include in campaign archive. Shp never.

If there's no intro when you run game from PG2UK220, then rename "smackcd" and "soundcd" to "smack" and "sound".

* - if you use x64 system, then download "Mel 1xxx", "Mel 2xxx" and "Mel 3xxx" and extract to "sfx" folder
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