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You're the big general of an army, you choose your commanders, you choose who to promote, you give them main regiment weapon (in the unit roster limits). Your leaders unit will gain experience and special skills, and if your success pleases your politicians they will allow you more powerfull stuff to give to yours commanders.
You play a campaign (you choose which, even french Leclerc one), composed of scenarios where you must reach objectives in a given number of turns.
I love all this. This is theorically an excellent wargame.
But, you play in a small window. the game is 800x600 only!!! You will barely play the first scenario where you have few units, then after you will suffer.
The tactical screen is too smal for a 3D wargame, it is too zoomed upon a local action.
The strategical screen is too small: You see the entire scenario map, with main objectives and unidentified blips just telling friend or foe. No more.
Two stars is harsh, but that's really how I feel. Just give us a high resolution patch and I'll give 2 more stars.