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I downloaded onto my Win7 machine and it worked the first time. I only played PZG I before, and missed playing it when it no longer ran on my newer machines.
While I like some of the games like Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon, this game allowed me to sit back and play with a friend as if I were playing a game of chess.
Perfect for those who don't have much time due to hectic lives at home and work!
This is also an excellent game to play cooperatively with a friend or spouse!

My girlfriend and I are playing through the Blitzkrieg campaign together and having a blast. I act as the supreme general and give her a portion of my forces usually along one front and some objectives to accomplish while I deal with the main conflict. It really is great, as not only is it a nice introduction into war gaming concepts with hexes and such, but barely has more complexity than something like Advance Wars. I raised the the prestige allotment to 150 since we're probably going to horribly inefficient, but hey, its so much fun!