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Hi there, I installed the German retail version of PG III SE and encountered a few problems.
My System is Ryzen 2700U, Vega 10, RX 560X.

After some research and trial and error I decided to share my results :

1) Install retail version (should work fine)

2) Install official PG 1.1 update (German version / maybe not required because of step 3)

3) Install Panzerliga 1.1 update (German version)

4) Install ClearType Switch 1.1, start and uncheck “Use Clear Type” to get rid of the pink fonts (don´t forget to activate it again after closing the game)

5) Install dgvoodoo2, configure and activate "fast video memory access"; copy x86 dlls into main folder. You can also try more options on general tab like centering, stretch…. AA and filtering messed my graphics up.

6) Install a fix for PG3.exe Version 1.1 (only English version available; e.g. search on gamecopyworld; my game won´t start without the fix)

7) You can also copy Music and Video folder from the retail CD to your game directory. The game will work without CD after step 6.

Some steps may differ in the English version.

Enjoy :-)

Edit: Cleartype Switch and dgvoodoo2 also works perfectly with the PG 3D Assault GOG version!
cleartype.jpg (109 Kb)
dll.jpg (158 Kb)
Post edited April 29, 2020 by Ertman81