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I played this one to death. Literally. Not mine. And not the CDs. I burned out my CD drive playing this one. I think it was the music constantly being loaded from the CD that killed it. Not sure. I purchased it in a pack along with Steel Panthers 3, Soldiers at War & Silent Hunter. All four games were excellent.
I can recommend this one to all comers. Simple, but will keep you occupied for hours, days, months. There are multiple campaigns from several sides of the war. The scenario script does have some limited branching. It isn't extensive, but you will get a few different battles if you win or lose. You can upgrade your units. Each type has a best use. And believe me, if you use them wrongly, you will pay.
I do recall I could not finish the German campaign as the final scenario has you invading the US homeland. Carolinas, I think. I could never upgrade my units enough so that when I reached the last scenario my tanks and planes weren't outmatched by the late war US units. I'm not sure if that one was imbalanced or I was doing something wrong.
The scenarios themselves are excellent and quite varied in what it will take to finish them with success.
If you haven't played this one and you like strategy or pure wargames, get it now!