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Hello Panzer Elite community!

I own the CD copy of this game for years now and i just installed pp2x mod because its needed to make the game actually playable.
However, even pp2x doesnt fix some issues.

1. Infantry takes a fortune of shots to kill, sometimes they eat 20 HE shells.
I think i can fix that by modifying "infantry firepower" in guns.csv and just increase every value by x4.

2. The aiming reticle of allied tanks is wrong. I need to change it because its impossible to aim. I think its best to change the aiming reticle for all tanks to the german one because that one works well. I did not find the file that modifies that yet.

3. Can i disable the night? Its just annoying, the aiming reticle is black and at night i cant see anything and i cannot aim because all i see is black...

4. The repair times are ridiculous (they are realistic). Where can i decrease repair times to a reasonable value that is actually playable without leaving the PC running for an hour?