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For some reason, which we cannot repro there is an issue with a file in the GoG version after updating related to the Panzer35H735fH35 model does which does not match the file in our repository. It could occur on the unit purchase screen.

If you are having a new crash it could be related to this. We will find out from GoG tomorrow why it is happening but for now you can manually replace the file Panzer35H735fH35_Wheeldrive.uasset in your installation, with the correct version which we've uploaded here:

We apolgise for any inconvenience.
Where should this file go?
FYI, replacing that file did fix my hang when loading a save.
File has to go there:
%\Panzer Corps 2\PanzerCorps2\Content\Graphics\Units\DE\Panzer35H735fH35

% is placeholder for your drive/games path
When in doubt just search in your file explorer for the filename

I know wrong thread, but can we get any news on the Acievements for GoG Galaxy?
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Ok looks like it is a more global problem.
Panzer Corps 2 fails to load the units in the unit buy screen
absolutely random occurance.

Maybe it is because i modified the Units.csv but then it wouldn t be absolutely random
it would freeze when modded units fail to load, but they don t.
Has the UNREAL ENGINE problem with panzer corps 2 been fixed yet?
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