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Thank you for the fix SFried. Works perfectly now!
Summary of posts before me:

Tarvis (on remastered X-Wing and tie fighter gog forum) made this file:

Within it you have "Winmm.dll"
if you extract the zip into own folder and than renname "winmm.dll" to "Win32.dll", coppy that to pandemonium folder it SHOULD run. (remember backup the original just because it is good practice)

it certainly made the game start for me fairly well.
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Works Fine..Thx a lot
SFriedt: This is a problem of winmm. An updated version is linked in the X-Wing and TIE-Fighter Series forum.

Just unzip the dll's, rename winmm.dll to win.dll and copy them to the game directory.

You also should install nGlide 1.04 from Zeus Software and delete the old version from the game directory (3DFxSpl.dll, 3DFxSpl2.dll, 3DfxSpl3.dll, glide.dll, glide2.dll, glide3.dll, SST1INIT.DLL)

Without the new version Pandemonium! will crash when you try to exit it.
Thank you so so much for posting this! I will certainly need to try this out! I miss this game so much and I was so disappointed when the game wasn't running on Windows 10.
Just want to say thanks. This really should be looked at by GOG employee's and implemented by them. A simple fix by downloading the above files, renaming them and copying and pasting them. Worked perfectly after it refused to launch.