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Maybe a stupid question, but since the games come without manual I wasn't able to find out: Sorceress Nikki can double jump, so what's the jester Fargus' ability that makes up for him not being able to jump as high as Nikki?

(Because as far as I can tell, the magical abilities can be used by both.)
This question / problem has been solved by triockimage
You can find a manual (although for PSX) on replacementdocs - not sure if I'm allowed to post a direct link, so just go to replacementdocs dot com and enter Pandemonium in Search replacementdocs on the left.

Anyway, from this manual:
"Fargus' Tumble - as Fargus, press o button to tumble, moving down enemies without taking damage. Use directional buttons to tumble to the left and right."

o button is for special actions, dunno what's that in PC
triock: o button is for special actions, dunno what's that in PC
Apparantly it's "z" by default in the PC version, and keys can be customized in the menu that appears when pressing Escape in-game. Thanks!