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I'm stuck in one of the upper floors of the castle level, at the top of the spiral stairwell. I'm certain I've killed all the skeletons, but there's still heavy-metal music playing and there's no where else to go. There's a hole in the ground covered by planks but it isn't openable. It seems like some kind of bug. Anyone know how to get out of this?

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Sometimes, the ghouls...skeletons...stuck in the walls or behind some obstacle, make sure you follow the arrow on the top of the HUD for last enemies in the area, if battle music is still playing, then certainly some enemies are remaining nearby, I have played Painkiller countless times and in Castle this situation is quite common, so good luck and hunting for the bones... :P :)
I got stuck in the exact same place - its a bug. Try reloading a savegame though I think I had to restart the level. On the plus side, its the only level I can remember having these problems.