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osce: Game loading was slow enough before, but now it's getting worse. I use wine to run Painkiller. The game itself runs pretty good.

But everytime I start a new game or load a saved game, the load screen appears where the arc meter (?) turns halfway, then it takes almost 10 minutes or so before the game starts. Obviously this is not funny when I saved just when I started battling a boss, and after loading the game and doing something else during the 10 minutes or so wait, by the time I notice the game started, I'm already beaten by the boss, every time. I'm in no mood waiting 10 minutes staring at the screen just so I can be ready to beat the boss.

I used WINEDEBUG and saw that during that long wait, a lot of CreateFileW() function calls are done in non-existent subdirectories of Data. I think this is where the time is wasted. Maybe the program is checking every single decompressed game files before checking the compressed package?

Any way to solve this problem? How to tell Painkiller not to check those sub-directories?
Probably not other than perhaps the Wine developers will somehow optimize the CreateFileW implementation or implement it fully because AFAIK it's most likely just a stub at this point.