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Where is the location of Painkiller's save game files in Vista? -> Painkiller Black -> SaveGames lead to one file named tmp.000 and it's 0KB
Looking for that as well, my current quicksave and a few earlier ones are corrupted and heard of a fix, if only I could find the location first! :D
Try C:\users\your_username\AppData\Local\ ;Virtual Store\Program Files\\
The above folder may be hidden. Also if your running 64 bit it will be Program Files(x86)
or C:\users\your username\saved games or \mydocuments?
Thanks, found them, though can't fix the issue. Anyone have the autosave for the third chapter mission 1 on Nightmare with all of the cards collected so far? All I have is the current corrupted quicksave and the game crashes while trying to load the mission from the beginning from the main menu too...
Wow, talk about a crappy save system! :D
EDIT: NVM, found Level Unlockers for both Easy and Nightmare at the site below:
Thanks for the help all! Dumping the old saves and adding these downloaded saves fixed my crashing issue.
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