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when I try to cross the small bridge (see first screenshot) directly after the third checkpoint in "City On Water" the whole level disappears, leaving only the skybox and the HUD (see second screenshot). I tried changing a few graphics options, but so far without success.

I'm playing on Insomnia. I have the GOG version (1.64) and installed the "Universal update". Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem?

shot0000.jpg (338 Kb)
shot0002.jpg (106 Kb)
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I'd back up the saved games and reinstall the game. It's probably best to keep only the autosave from the start of the level.
Next step would be do redownload the patch, and if that doesn't help then the whole game again.
Thanks for the hint. Before deinstalling the game, I gave the level a last try and this time somehow ended up taking another way, which seems to circumvent the problem.