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Would installing both of these cause issues? Do I even need both?

The reason I ask is because I noticed both have a painkiller.exe. Thanks in advance for answers.
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I suggest that you can go with Unofficial 1.65 as I am testing it right now...thanks for the share btw...and I am not seeing any issues so far...but as you say, both of these patches have .exe file inside so it may cause some issues I think if you apply both of them.
I'm not sure which one you should use, PCGW's file is several mods bundled as one, the unofficial patch is still in active development.
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Is the unofficial patch working if I see version 1.65 in the game menu? I decided to use the PCGW mod as well.
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I have not played Painkiller for a long time but I have decided to play it again, with unofficial 1.65 patch, everything was fine until the City on Water level, where it breaked the game for me. I can not proceed to fountain area, as 3 monster do not spawn so the game does not open the door to the next area. I do not know if anyone else experiencied this, just saying, I was forced to return to original 1.64 version of game.

Win10, GOG Black Edition of the game.
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