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Ok, i wondered if thats a Problem or "normal" for this Game. I just started playing and everything was fine untill the end of Chapter 1 Level 1. The Game Speed is insane fast which makes it hard to move and ofc the Mobs are that fast as well. This also continued into the 2nd Level.
My System:
Windows 7 RC 64bit
AMD Athlon X2 4800+
ATI Radeon 3870 512 MB
I tried recording it using Xfire but once i start, the Game Speed is normal xD
My Settings in Game are Very High on 1680x1050.
Although i changed Decals to X1, Shadows turned off and Dynamic Lights are set to Normal.
Edit: Fraps and the Ingame FPS Meter shows my Framerate being somewhere between 170 and 300.
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Problem solved.
In this [url=][/url] i read about setting the CPU Affinity and that also resolved my Problem.
So this can be closed i guess and i feel silly for Posting here in the first Place ;)
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