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I played the last level in Painkiller some days ago when the game suddenly started lagging a lot in video and sound, and i had to restart the PC (It was probably because of my computer, not the game), when i restarted it and pressed load/save, it gives this error message:

Script Error
[string "../SaveGames/000/SaveGame.Info"]:1: invalid control char near 'char(0)'

Press "Retry" to Debug

How can i fix this? Could be a corrupted savefile or something.
This question / problem has been solved by StabbingHoboimage
Let me guess, chapter I, map III (Catacombs)?

Yes, it's a corrupted save. What you need to do is go to the game folder Painkiller Black Edition/SaveGames and delete the latest folder there. If that didn't work delete all of the manual saves (You should be able to tell which save is which by comparing the time stamps). Then just load the latest autosave at the start of the map.

What's causing the error is the rope bridge near the beginning, it's got some funky physics going on.
Thank you!

I found the corrupted save and deleted it, the game works perfectly now :)

The level was chapter 5, level 4.