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I just finished the Catacombs level in Painkiller. I saved up all my ammo, because it was hilarious to hurl those annoying vampires towards you and to catch them with your spinning Painkiller (well, and because I am paranoid and always refuse to use ammo).
But now I entered the next level and I am down to five stakes and zero grenades. WTF?!?!
I feel robbed!
Is this a bug or a design decision, to encourage people to blow up more stuff (like the abundance of ammo packs, which count as undiscovered in your Scores, if couldn't pick them up)?
This question / problem has been solved by ZamFearimage
I imagine it's by design, since you can revisit previous levels at any time. If ammo carried over, you could grind for it by redoing a level using only the painkiller. Then use your maxed-out ammo to break the game in half.
Yes, each level is independent. The only thing You carry over to the next level is Your gold and unlocked tarot cards. Ammo, life and armor are reseted on each level.
Also, there is really huge amount of ammo in this game and You will run out of ammo basically only if You are using only one kind of weapon (like in the BooH I had some problems with Bolt Gun in the level Lab). And yes, it could be made so that people would be encouraged to use every ammo they have. No reason to save ammo.