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It would be helpful to know if someone can get past the cave without crashing on Linux, with Intel graphics. Whether it is crashing or not, I want to know what CPU & graphics chip & driver version you have. I know Skylake is affected, but I want reports from as many people (with as many system configurations) as possible.

Please include output from these commands:

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep name
glxinfo | grep Device
glxinfo | grep Version

EDIT: Viable workarounds include running the windows version under wine (2.21 works great). I did a full run with no issues.

Another thing you can try is set the environment variable INTEL_DEBUG=norbc

I tried it a few times in the cave and it seems to work, but I haven't done a full run.
Post edited January 22, 2018 by clarry
There's a patch from Intel now. I haven't tested it yet.
Fix is in.