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i was so glad to see Overlord reaching gog... Got it on xbox but playing drm free on computer is my favorite choice when available.

I was glad to see that most music and sounds/voice acting were available and browsable easily in the folder installation of the game (i'm using a localized foreign langage version) and already could get some of the advisor and jesterquotes that are hilarious to use daily (system sound, phone tone)

but the minion's voices and sounds are enclosed in a .pvp file format i couldnt extract from. Found a python script on the net supposed to do the thing but it failed (it gave unreadable files with correct names, though, as output)

does anyone have a solution to get out the minion sounds ?

thank a lot
Unfortunately, I don't have a solution, but I like your idea about using these as system sounds. I have also been trying to see if there are mods or custom maps available. It adds so much to a game when we have tools to add content. I really wish more games had them.
I've managed to extract the audio from the pvp files.
Here's the "MinionVoiceData_ENGLISH" data:

Check out the Python script if you'd like to extract other files:

Fortunately, the sounds packed inside the PVP files are just raw WAVE data, you can get them with a hex editor. There's a sound name before each audio data, then the RIFF header, some metadata, "data" string, 4 bytes for data length and directly the data, the next [data-length] bytes.

According to the WAVE format standard: