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high rated
Nothing important there.

Just a big thanks to Revival Prod for making this... revive of the childhood (ok more teenagehood) game I played when I get my first PC back in the day besides Dune 2, Doom, Mortal Kombat... not long before the very 1st shareware version get released in my country.

The announcement of Descent Underground came with a thrilling expectations, but quickly (just with trailers) so much frustration... Then your game came out of nowhere (for me), it was an instant buy, instant happyness, instant relief and instant pleasure.

I'm glad to pay for this game again to have it on GoG (without waiting for a potential gog connect), and I feel huge regards for you, besides other teams behind games like War for the overworld or Two point hospital : people I do not know and never encountered, but with whom I feel like some friendship-ish connection in term of vision about video games for almost 30 years now...

Thanks <3
Post edited October 27, 2018 by V3nom

This game is excellently done with strong Descent roots.

It's simply amazing in VR. I'm still trying to build up my iron stomach. :)