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I downloaded the playable teaser but I've noticed a weird behavior about the controls. When I turn left with the keyboard or the joystick, there's a slight amount of twist, as is to be expected.

However when I turn right, there's absolutely no twist and the ship stays level while turning. I find it quite confusing and not enjoyable - is there a problem with my configuration or is it a normal behavior? I've tried clearing all the controls for both keyboard and joystick except for turning, disabling the mouse, but I can't seem to fix this.

Any help would be appreciated - I can't possibly buy the full version if this is the normal way of controling the ship.
This is definitely not the normal behavior.

When you rotate with mouse there can be a slight tilt that is configurable. Perhaps for some reason it has been messed up with different values for left and right, try to re-set it.

Go to Options -> Control Options -> Mouse & Keyboard Options -> Mouse Rolling

Put it to "Off", play a bit, and change it to the desired value. I keep it as Weak.

About controls, I play with Mouse+Keyboard; Mouse to look right-left and up-down. Keyboard for tilting clockwise and counterclockwise, and for moving.

I use this options:
- disable mouse smoothing, mouse limiting, auto-leveling, and aim-assist
- put both mouse x and y sensitivity to the same value
- (in the Advanced Control Options) enable weak turn speed limiting[i] and put [i]movement speed config to all-way.
Thanks for your reply. I tried resetting all the controls and changed every setting to no avail. Despite this I took the plunge today and bought the full version of the game as it was on sale - I'm glad I did because after playing through the tutorial mission I can confirm the controls work normally, with normal amounts of tilt on both sides. I suppose there was a problem in the demo version.

I'm looking forward to playing this game with Joystick + Keyboard like the original Descent :)