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Hi! I received this game via Humble Choice Bundle in 2020-06. The Humble bundle came with:
* steam key (game on Steam)
* DRM-free linux version (
* DRM-free Windows version (
* DRM-free Mac version (same time frame, did not download)

Does anyone know what the difference would be between the GOG version and the Humble DRM-free version (build 1886) for windows? It looks like Humble Bundle just has a static version from June 2020. Does GOG have a more updated version?

What is the difference between the GOG version and the Steam version?

I am asking because I wonder if it is worth buying the GOG version on sale for $5.09 (83% discount). For many titles I got super cheap on steam, if I really like it I tend to purchase on GOG to get the DRM-free version, in case something happens to the Steam platform or they discontinue availability of a game. But since I already have a DRM-free version from back in 2020, just wondering it there is any benefit to getting it from GOG (like latest updates, more goodies, etc).

Thanks for any thoughts or directions.
GOG's version is also build 1886.
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