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A Community Level Pack has just been released on Steam. Will this ever be available on GOG?

The game's Soundtrack is also unavailable, but at least GOG users can buy it elsewhere (cdbaby). No such luck with the level pack.

This kind of thing (GOG buyers as "second class citizens") seems to be getting more common, so I'm starting to get wary about buying things on this platform.
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The developers stated on Steam they do not know if it will be on GoG or not, they are stil waiting a response from GoG to allow them to put it on GoG.
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Thank you for responding eisberg77.

I checked the thread on Steam. Almost a week has passed and apparently GOG has made no move. Pretty unprofessional to leave developers hanging on distribution issues. No wonder they have a bad reputation on dev circles.

Please, GOG, respond to this, at the very least to let us know this won't come out on your platform.

P.S.: by the way, besides the soundtrack and the level pack, the PDF manual seems to be missing too.
Yes, the developers also said on the official discord server that they did offer the DLC to GoG, and will post an update as soon as they hear back from them. Nothing has happened so far.
From Valkyrie Celes (Overload Dev):
Well, in the meantime, we are working on patching the DLC (and main game) this week (here and GoG) - so we probably won't push back on them for the DLC until it is updated. *Hopefully* GoG will have the updated version of our DLC by the end of this week, but I'm not holding my breath on it.
Thank you all for your answers. I'll mark this as closed but I hope GOG gives us an official response.