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Wanted to fetch copies of the latest offline installers, but after downloading a few it looks like they're all 32-bit. I currently have the 64-bit game installed and the old installers I have are for the 64-bit version. Is the 64-bit game included in the current installers even though the file names say "32bit"? If not, are the 64-bit installers available some place?
Both installer versions are available. There are six parts listed and the first three will download the 32bit installer files while the parts 4, 5 and 6 will download the 64bit installer files.

Overload (Part 1 of 6) 1.1.1886 - 2 MB
Overload (Part 2 of 6) 1.1.1886 - 4 GB
Overload (Part 3 of 6) 1.1.1886 - 93 MB
Overload (Part 4 of 6) 1.1.1886 - 2 MB
Overload (Part 5 of 6) 1.1.1886 - 4 GB
Overload (Part 6 of 6) 1.1.1886 - 97 MB
When you download the installer files through GOG Galaxy everything (32bit and 64bit) will be downloaded.
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Berzerk2002: Both installer versions are available. ...
Thanks very much! I only need the 64bit version.
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