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Update 608 (24 September 2019)

- Level Restart feature works properly in out-of-gas scenarios.
- Updated Introduction levels to address some weirdness.
- Fixed a rare crash bug involving people catching on fire and dropping their stuff wrong.
- Fixed an incredibly rare softlock involving warping.
- Fixed some icon resolutions on 4K screens.
- Fixed controllers vibrating when plugged in but not actually used.
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Update 624 (30 September 2019)

- Woodlands and grasslands pharmacies have been rebalanced.
- Fixed a bug with negative-HP shields in certain rare scenarios.
- Fixed an issue with telefragging yourself without actually teleporting.
- Fixed an issue with backpacks at camps.
- Fixed an issue with fidgety traders.
- Major fixes to the Twitch integration, including better support for map voting, viewer role-play, and more.
- A new confirmation popup if you're thinking about leaving a level without the rest of your group.
- Big upgrades to the Inspect window's functionality.
- Ground items get contextual outlines as you play.
- Complete overhaul for d-pad / arrow-key inputs.
- Variety of pacing and difficulty adjustments.
- Improvements to the AI scavengers.
- New camera axis settings.
- Reworked intro levels.
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Update 628 (05 October 2019)

- Stunning: impact effects like explosions will stun creatures, freezing them for one turn.
- Auto Bail-out: survivors will try to jump out of any car that is about to explode.
- Rebalanced all blockades
- Night-time Undo support for Level Restart mode
- Testing improvements for mouse axes and variable refresh monitors
- More Twitch fixes (still working on the name shuffling thing tho)
- Updated some 3D models
- Fix for dogs carrying pills (dogs... you can't have those... those are for people)
- Misc balancing + difficulty adjustments
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Update 632 (10 October 2019)

- Fixed accidental roadblocks
- Dogs can push stuff now
- Rebalanced out-of-gas scenarios
- Minor rebalance on pickups
- Updated wood shield and stick assets
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Update 639 (16 October 2019)

- Fixed shy dumpsters
- Rebalanced mountains and desert to fix tripwire placements
- Daisy-chaining out-of-gas scenarios will consume fuel now (sorry, time travelers)
- Tents are searchable now
- Fixed crash from SUVs offroading into anomalies during escapes
- Fixed rare "walkouts trapped forever in tiny tree prisons" issue
- Husks won't get knocked back by explosions anymore
- Added "level restart off required" icon to Badges interface
- Changed "level restart off" requirement on a bunch of achievements
- Fixed "restart level" button being enabled during campfires
- Fixed some map placement issues
- Camera adjustments
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Update 646 (19 October 2019)

- Added a trading camp to the city biome
- Updated camp invite and NPC options
- More camera improvements
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Update 671 / 1.1 (13 November 2019)

- Inventory Organizer: swap items while you're in a car! Or at a campfire!
- Trade Interface: use the inventory organizer at trading sites!
- Drag and Drop Inventory: yes, even on gamepad!
- LOOT Action: recover that backpack when your Bad Driver suffers an "accident"!
- PILE IN Action: get everyone back in the car in one easy move!
- Save file upgrading should actually work now
- Relaxed fuel combining constraints
- Fixed some action preview flickers
- Title screen audio improvements
- Table improvements
- Various other bug fixes
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Changelog for Update 694 (27 November 2019)

- Built a new rendering system for some of the full-screen weather fx
- Fixed some bugs in the new inventory management system
- Adjusted triggers for trading camp dialog
- Various performance improvements
- Fixed a couple of rare crashes
- Level generator fixes
- Audio fixes

Standalone installers updated (692 ⇒ 694):
- Windows and Mac; 28 November 2019;
- Linux: 06 December 2019.

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Windows and Mac standalone installers updated (694 ⇒ 697): 05 December 2019.
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Changelog for Update 713 (16 January 2020):

- Dogs can pull people into cars now
- Organize view available in more situations
- Added new cold-weather idle animation in snowy levels
- Stealing cars and gas will count as burglary again
- Fixed missing Steam Overlay / Achievements on Mac OS 10.15
- Fixed a level generator issue with searchable barrels
- Fixed rare issues with the quicksand and falling objects events
- Fixed organize view rendering issue with certain trades
- Fixed animation issue with lit flares and the relax poses
- Fixed issue with beach campfire showing up in the organize view
- Adjusted some introduction pacing stuff
- Texture maintenance stuff

Standalone installers updated: 703 ⇒ 713.
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Update 724 (31 January 2020)

- New creature! First sighted in the grasslands...
- New mid-level event! First sighted in the mountains.
- Trap-hole update - these mountain/desert hazards are more interesting now.
- UI update - improved the move-range visuals.
- Graphics update - improved the crater/burrow visuals.
- Audio updates!
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Update 733 (07 February 2020)

This week was all about refinement - lots of little UI, level generation, audio, and graphics improvements in this patch:

- Re-skinned the Inspect view to match the Organize view!
- Re-did some of the trading site logic so that traders usually start out next to tables (seems small but feels so nice)
- Added new end-of-level audio cues that change depending on failure/victory/etc
- Increased survivor movement speed by almost 10%. Feels nice!
- Fixed some long-standing bugs with audio and lighting
- Various balance + difficulty changes
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(Very belated) Changelog for Update 742 (14 February 2020):

- new quicksand crater visuals
- changed inspect and organize to have full black backgrounds
- added 0.1s show/hide fades to a lot of the level UI elements
- adjusted the timing of title screen and level exit fades
- boatloads of overdue audio fixes

Standalone installers updated (733 ⇒ 742): 17 February 2020.

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Standalone installers updated (742 ⇒ 745): 24 February 2020 (no changelog).

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Changelog for Update 747 (21 February 2020):

We have these new signs. That's it. Honestly they usually don't even face the camera. They have accurate stop names and distances on them though!!

Standalone installers updated (745 ⇒ 747): 28 February 2020.
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Update 751 (04 March 2020)

- Hint outlines to help new players find good scavenging spots
- Organize window can support Large UI mode
- Improved vista rendering performance
- Streamlined some campfire/map transitions
- Fixed some glitches in the vehicle animations
- Fixed some mouse UI stuff
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Standalone installers updated (747 ⇒ 751): 05 March 2020.

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Standalone installers updated (751 ⇒ 763): 06 March 2020 (no changelog).

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Standalone installers updated (763 ⇒ 770 ⇒ 772 ⇒ 773): 16, 26 & 30 March 2020 (no changelog).

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Changelog for Update 837 (26 September 2020 / added 28 September 2020):

Overland Version 1.2 is now available! Explore the end of the world with new pug dog companions and new rest stop levels. Enjoy the new introduction and prologue! This version includes 3 new difficulty settings, 7 new game modifiers including all dogs mode, tourist mode, and expert settings. You can browse records from your past trips and check out updated badge and stats displays. Overland v1.2 also includes dialog, item and environment updates to make Overland even better.

- Pugs! They're very cute I promise
- Rest stops! Take a breather halfway through each biome (if you need one).
- New introduction and prologue! Includes spooky lore :O
- 3 new difficulty settings! Includes a new normal mode for players new to the adventure.
- 7 new gameplay modifiers including all-dogs mode, tourist mode, and expert settings
- Updated badges and stats display
- Browse records of past trips!
- Dialog, item, and environment updates

Standalone installers updated: 773 ⇒ 837.

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Standalone installers updated (837 ⇒ 838): 29 September 2020 (no changelog).
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Changelog for Update 840 (08 October 2020):

Howdy folks! Just summarizing a bunch of small quality of life changes that have come through in the last few patches:

- fixed a rare issue with music in the second intro level
- fixed an issue with save file upgrades
- "relaxing" characters get access to basic Organize and Inspect abilities
- fixed a Steam Achievement issue with the pickups badge
- some pugs were Too Large, it Wasn't Healthy
- fixed an issue where the "relax" action sometimes wasn't available when it should have been
- fixed a terrain offset
- fixed a campfire offset
- fixed a AI issue where they sometimes would just... leave the level for no reason

I think that should do it! Hope everyone's enjoying 1.2 otherwise <3

Standalone installers updated: 838 ⇒ 840.