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Okay, but during first few minutes of playing Whistleblower DLC the application window closes itself (minimizes to task bar). When I try to expand it back on, the game freezes showing nothing but black screen. There's even no way to close it properly, Alt+F4 doesn't respond, had to find other way around to close the application.

Windows 10 64 bit. Tried deactivating antivirus software, turning off Windows notifications, closing browser... Nothing helped so far. It happens in Outlast Whistleblower DLC only.

Did anybody have any sort of similar issue? Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance
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Alright. Problem solved.

Since minimizing only happens once during the entire session I had to run the game in windowed mode and then after the first attempt to collapse (game «pauses») one simply needs to press Alt+Enter to render the game fullscreen again. Result: no crashes whatsoever.

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