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Hello everyone.

I'm trying to enjoy Outlast but it won't let me. Specifically, Mr Reporter Guy won't let me. It is my understanding that some people think the never-ending heavy breathing adds to the atmosphere (I presume the developers are among those people) but personally, I find it annoying, if not infuriating, as I find myself spending more time shouting "Stop breathing already!" at my screen than actually getting into the game. (I have anger management issues when it comes to games.)

Please, someone tell me there is a way to mute the Late Night Prank Call breathing sounds. I have found this via Google but it doesn't appear to be working. Possibly I did something wrong or there's another file that needs editing. Other than that Google seems to be failing me, or (more likely) I fail at Google.
Maybe I'd actually have to go through the utterly confusing process of unpacking the .bnk file which contains the audio and messing with that, although I'd rather not unless there is a simple way to do it.

p.s. For the time being I've renamed the WwiseDefaultBank_VO_Miles.bnk so now he's completely unaffected by everything that happens. It's more of a workaround, really, still wondering if there's a less drastic method.
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necroposting but I just had to thank you for this, I had about as much fun reading your post as playing the game. And both took just about as long (well I gave it the second chance (the game, not the post) but... down it went soon enough anyway).
And that ridiculous heavy breathing was just one of annoyances getting to me.
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osm: ....
Ah, I never got a notification for this reply! Damn you, GOG.

Right? You just want him to calm the fuck down at some point so you can concentrate.

I continued the game for a while after renaming that one file, never found a more viable solution (guess there isn't one), but didn't finish it. Too many jumpscares, too many chasing sections, too much "go avoid this guy and hide in a corner until he goes away".
Atmosphere was good, aye, but it just didn't click.
Crackpot.756: Atmosphere was good, aye, but it just didn't click.
My feelings also, more or less. I gave up while turning on the sprinklers in the cafeteria. There I decided that these identical "get to the two valves sitting in the closet for 5 min beside each one then rush past the monster surviving jump scares on the way" exercises were a *tad* too frequent.
Basically it was the story that kept me going (tho fairly standard in term of plot devices, at least it didn't repulse you, unlike the actual gameplay), but per each such dumb voyage in the dark all I got a file or two with a couple of lines of "flavor" text. Nah, I'll pass.
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