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This just in. Bethesda Studio and Red Barrels are joining forces to create next best-selling game. And it is called FALLOUTLAST. An open-world action-horror-RPG in which you roam the post-apocalyptic world with just a poor night-vision camcorder. Fight zombies and mutants in badly lit environments across the war-torn wasteland! Scavenge material to improve your camera! Look for traders to sell you valuable items such as batteries. Hack terminals to turn on power and lights! Recruit settlers and companions and equip them with night-vision cameras! Build robots with built-in night vision! Level up to obtain skills and perks that increase your VATS percentage in darkness!
I hope the designers took a good look at RE 7. As much as I like the Outlast series, RE 7 is really what a horror game should be, in my opinion (even without VR and just considering game design).