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First of all I thank you developers for making this remake, taking time and efford to fulfill a dream many of us had for more than a decade to get this legendary game in a new outfit. You put great efford into the actual game but I'm not sure if the intro that is currently shipped with the game is the actual intro you wanted to include or just a storyboard you included as a placeholder during production and forgot about, because it really doesn't live up to the work you showed everywhere else in this remake.

There is no real animation, not even facial expressions, no emotional depth and the backgrounds... well they work somehow but pleeeeasseeee.... pretty pretty please a thousand and one times, with cake and cherrys and whatever you want on top.... Give us another intro.

If you don't want to produce a modern remade version of the intro thats absolutely okay. You made a great and valiant efford to remake the actual game and I absolutely love it! But regarding the intro... at least give us the old one. It wasn't the best of the best but it had animated figures in Ingame graphics that actually showed movement and emotions.

It's a remake. We're all nostalgic, so if there is something you don't have time and budget for just take what was already there.

And for everyone who made it to this point, who doesn't know the old game and wonders what I'm talking about just google "Outcast Intro Game" and watch the 1999 Version of the intro e.g. on youtube.

P.S.: If there are people out there that share my feelings on that intro it would be great if you could put a short comment below that you support this wish above.

Also could you please include the "Outcast outtakes" in the end of the outtro? There were real fun back then. ;-)
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