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Title says it all
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Yes, I just finished it.

And I didn't encounter any major bugs, or quests breaking bugs actually.
From critics and comments, I was expecting far worse in that area.

Sometimes there are occasional graphic glitchs, a floating fruit in Talanzaar or a flying cart in a riss field, nothing exiting and reloading can't fix if it turn into a bother.
Only moment of worrying I had was during the Darosham's rescue in the main quest, if the cutscene don't execute well and you face invisible or standing still foes afterwards, just exit without saving, then reload from before the cut scene and it should solve the issue. It did for me.
Hm, and to be complete, the Twon ha riding is, not the most convenient in some places like Okriana little streets and backalley, you will prefer to walk after a while.

So, I don't know if it's the hotfix or if I were lucky, but the 'all the bugs' reputation from this remaster seem undeserved to me.
Had some glitches here and there, which wouldn't be a problem.

HOWEVER now my game seems broken since "Zele" an essential character is floating in the air (or sometimes underwater) and I can't talk to him. Leaving region or reloading doesn't help. I'll ask for a refund.
Just finished the game with 100% completition and didn't encounter any bugs. As already stated in previous posts, there might be minor graphical glitches, but these can simply be ignored.
Only situation that worried me shortly was in Motazaar, when I couldn't find the map. Thought it didn't spawn, but it was there, only had to look closer at the wall.
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