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Nodens: Well in my case I prefer the original version for the voice and subs in french (that's how I watch movies and tv shows), and for outcast the original version is the french one (appeal were french belgians from Namur, not far from me by the way).

fair point!
*note to self: try the French version*
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Nodens: But sorry if I was rude or something, as English is not my first language I go straight to the point.

No, nothing rude about what you said :) Sorry I didn't read the thread properly!
Thx for the hint :)
Yes! Following these instructions, it works fine in french. It's a shame that GOG doesn't display this topic in the "support" section as it took me some time to stumble upon it.
However the intro movie is unchanged (obviously) and is still in english. So I've digged up my old original Outcast CDs and there we are, with the movie in french. I guess that if any of you wanted to play Outcast in complete french, maybe I could send you the file. It's a dumb AVI, plays flawlessly in any media player.
Let's play Outcast!!!
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