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Alpha 4 patch 3 - April 9

Can now relocate a family to another house
Slightly reduced tailors productivity
Added a few more export options

Some weird radioactive plants were growing on the gardens
Crash after pig wrongfully slaughtered while being relocated
It was too hard to keep hay and water on a farm
Land tax was calculated wrong for nearly triangular gardens
Some people were buried under the last name of their son-in-law
Wealth tax controls didn't work properly
Cows could be brought on a pasture that's still being harvested
Laborers had troubles delivering salt to fishing docks
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March 25, 2023
Alpha 5 released!

Hi everyone! Yevhen here, reporting on our achievements through the last year.

Some may ask how come we can still pull out updates while our homes are being razed to the ground. One shouldn’t think about how bad is the situation, but about what can be done to get the most out of it. And we still can get a lot.

Our work is a manifestation of our freedom and a huge middle finger to those toilet-stealing animals, who happened to be our neighbors. Our profits will be used to put a drip in the ocean of pain they’re about to face here.

So let’s get back to business. In short, there’s a bunch of new buildings, a new slightly hilly map and a whole lot of quality-of-life improvements, just how you like it.

My personal favorite is rowhouses. They are not yet as meaningful as they would be in a finished game (basically they just provide high-density residences atm), also there’s still no corner buildings, but you can already bend them into something cool-looking and organic to get that real 18th-century-town look. As a bonus you can have a shop on the 1st floor which can hold up to 8 slots of resources.

The update also introduces basic health mechanics. Each citizen now has a health metric which depends on food and environment (building charcoal piles near houses is not a good idea anymore). Also there are randomized illnesses (it currently kicks in when you reach 250 population). People will have a flu, a bone fracture or a bad tooth from time to time. The new barber surgery building may help them in that regard, but don’t overestimate the 18th century medicine. You can learn more from in-game help, which is slowly expanding.

New decorative bush: Guelder rose
Tavern owners now won’t mind getting alcohol from farther market stalls
Added help text for slaughterhouse and burial plot
New building: dairy
New resources: butter, cheese, smetana
New decorative bush: Lilac
Added a message log where you can see all recent notifications you may have missed
Salo and animal hides now need to be salted in the slaughterhouse for preservation
Some resources now have limited shelf life and perish when expired
Now only the closest boatyard will fix fishing boats
Some minor optimizations for bigger cities
Now using “c:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games” for saved games
To port your previous saves, move them from “c:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Ostriv” to “c:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Ostriv”
Redesigned stats window divided to 3 tabs with added nice graphs
Number of simultaneous trade deals is now limited to 5 per type
Added help text for warehouse
Can now fill the resource lists automatically, based on local availability
New building: barber surgery
Randomized market stall models
New building: smaller granary (has twice less capacity and 8 resource slots)
Improved logic behind raw materials supply
New building: brickworks
New building: brewery
Slightly reduced charcoal price
Each citizen now has a personal log with all the significant life events recorded
Added info on available map resources on new game start
New building: distillery
Added help text for limeworks
New building: hopyard
Priest will now move to a new church if previous one was demolished
Trade demand and proposal will now increase over time. Even more so if you import a lot.
Now showing total area of farm fields in farm properties
Families will now share their money with relatives living separately
Siblings will now be visible in the family tree if they live in the same house
Family members will now visit graves of their deceased relatives
Graves now have a link to personal log of the deceased
Better visualizing failed crops
Children aged 15-18 can now work as laborers (with reduced productivity). Also added a hire option for that
Can now set custom threshold on wealth tax
Warehouses, hay barracks and granaries now have their storage capacity visible directly in properties panel
New building: sand pit
Clay pits, saltworks and sand pits can now only be placed on suitable places
All clay pits (and sand pits) are now slightly different visually
Can now build paved roads
New building: iron ore mine
New map
Citizens will now be able to share some of their thoughts when you click on them
Each forestry can now mark specific trees for removal by painting with a mouse
Increased forestry log limit from 12 to 18
Optimized the chopping tasks distribution between different forestries
Added more on-screen tutorial tips for early game
Improved trade screen UI
Row houses!
New building: stone well

Crash related to clay pit demolishing
Undesired flowering on trees when looked from afar
Demolished village houses didn’t take care of their bushes
Junk reserves stayed in market stalls preventing demolishing them
A few minor UI corrections
Horses produced cow hides when slaughtered
Slow saved game load on Intel/AMD GPUs
Potentially fixed issues with false-inaccessible stone deposits
Crash after destroying a mining cart
People could get stuck in an endless gardening loop
Crash related to farms
Endless deliveries of <1 of a resource
Orchard yearly fertility change didn’t save properly
Unsuccessful animal relocation could lead to not being able to demolish building
Error when clicking “Continue” without any saves
Some pop-ups fell out of screen on some UI scale settings
Could fire mayor while in camp center
Harvest amount was sensitive to FPS
Taverners didn’t pay wealth tax
White lines on demolishing buildings in some cases
Crash after demolishing camp cart parking
Some bridges didn’t connect land correctly (“Inaccessible”)
White lines after starting smeltery construction
Animals in saltworks consumed twice as much hay as usual
Post edited June 14, 2023 by bjgamer
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April 10, 2023
Alpha 5 hotfix 6

Fixes startup issues on some machines

April 9, 2023
Alpha 5 hotfix 5

Added animations for ploughing and grass mowing
Now showing a number of people looking for job in stats
Charcoal piles will now be emptied from leftover charcoal
Some people will now still be looking for job, even if filthy rich
Peer pressure may motivate people to work when population is low
Increased distance citizens will travel to sell garden produce
Added yearly balance in stats
Taverners will now be able to buy alcohol in any building with workers hired
Can now put a whole rowhouse on hold
Added overlay option to display “on hold” info boxes
Optimized UI rendering for long lists
Improved mouse panning on low FPS
Increased trade prices for alcohol
Now stored messages are limited to 1000
Increased maximum brick batch size to 1000
Raspberry will now be harvested earlier than other cultures

Fishing boats catch was invisible
Wrong number of resources required for brickworks
Animals number in stats was wrong
A family could settle in an unfinished rowhouse, leading to crashes
Another edge case preventing carpentery supply
Brewery had problems with water supply
Iron ore mine had wrong capacity
Crash related to incomplete families
Couldn’t create a trade deal if amount is less than 10
Random crashes related to hopyard
Could demolish carpentery before it delivered a vehicle to destination, leading to crashes
Widows could reproduce vegetatively
Crash related to burial plots
Couldn’t start the game with certain keyboard layouts
There was snow under rowhouse arches

March 31, 2023
Alpha 5 hotfix 4

Can now paint trees to be protected
Expanded some help texts
Citizens will now also use carts from far away if can’t find close one for too long
Can now relocate families between village houses and apartments
Increased milk production from cows and sheep
Minor UI changes and fixes

Had problems supplying horseshoes and tack to wagon sheds
Crash when barber’s or taverner’s kid decides to get married
Couldn’t plant trees near bushes
Could build rowhouses inside out
Iron ore mine didn’t display warning about lack of wood
Rowhouse with store created incorrect occupied space
Personal log was unreadable in some cases
Crash on demolishing big pavement areas
Demolishing hopyards could lead to corrupted saves
Crash when two related families decide to move out

March 27, 2023
Alpha 5 hotfix 3

Minor UI changes
Added help for iron ore mine
Hops will now expire if not harvested before winter

A bug with vehicles count in stats (leading to performance issues)
Crash when building a big paved square

March 27, 2023
Alpha 5 hotfix 2

Improved metal parts supply to carpentery
Rebalanced clothes/shoes buying on low budget
Added “low-quality” water status for wells

Boats and wagons repairs stopped in some cases
Marked trees stayed marked if cleared for construction
Linseed wasn’t taken from farm
Crash on burial plot placement in some cases
Could demolish rowhouse with families inside leading to all kind of issues

March 26, 2023
Alpha 5 hotfix 1

A traditional post-release hotfix is out!

Blacksmith will now take the remaining charcoal from nearby piles if no other work

Sunflowers didn’t look good
Crash after placing trees and bushes in some cases
Could build clay pits, sand pits and saltworks on water
Crash on loading older save with active animal import
Incorrect workplace names in personal log
Could mark out-of-bounds and inaccessible trees for removal
Had supply problems in carpenteries
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June 14, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 3 hotfix 2

Crash related to delivery orders
Field workers buried all their shoes and clothes in the field

June 9, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 3 hotfix 1

People accidentally bought shoes each time they tried to buy soap or glassware
Crash after orphans move to older siblings

June 8, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 3

New buildings: ashery, glassworks, soapworks
Orphans will now move in with their older siblings if possible
Bridges will now change themselves instead of trying to change the environment
New resources
Slaughtering cows will now also produce tallow
Citizens will now buy glassware and soap from the market
Rowhouses construction will now require window glass
Expanded the smithy help a bit
Optimized houses rendering
Improved loading speed for saves with big cities (old saves will load longer for the first time)
Added help for each of 3 stats tabs
Slightly improved UI in carpenteries and boatyards

Couldn’t plant trees near bushes in village house yards
Fixed a few memory leaks
Not being able to demolish saltworks in some cases
Couldn’t demolish benches in some cases
Could demolish a rowhouse without emptying the store, leading to crashes
Another crash related to demolishing rowhouses
Invisible fields in big cities
Crash related to clay pit demolishing
Weird pathfinding behavior around iron ore mines (will stay in old saves)
Problems with water supply in some chicken coops
Wells sometimes held too much water
Saltworks stopped pumping brine in some cases
Some people could live forever by constantly shopping

May 5, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 2

New building: rowhouse corner
Added a number of sick citizens in stats
Added a message when someone is injured or got flu
Can now build rowhouses on slightly steeper slopes

There were cases when foresters chopped too much trees
Charcoal pile queue issues when one of piles is in a tree clearing stage
Injuries and sicknesses didn’t work properly
Fixed some of the UI overlapping issues on low resolutions
Pathfinding problems around some orchards and hopyards
Crash on destroying a mining cart
A crash related to livestock relocation

April 26, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 1 hotfix 2

Can now hire 1 more carpenter per building
A few small optimizations for late game
People now tend to spend less money on barber services

Crash on loading a save with a huge pavement area
Saltworks animals supply was a bit broken in some cases
Construction could get stuck with <1 nails
Another crash on demolishing rowhouses
Crash on picking a house
Crash on families moving out
Crash related to cart relocation

April 21, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 1 hotfix1

A crash introduced in the last update
Limeworks zero resource supplies
Another rowhouse-related crash

April 21, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 1

A couple of slight optimizations
New building: stone storage (can store stone, limestone or iron ore)
Now showing a notification if animal feed supply is low
Warehouses now have 5 slots instead of 4
Citizens will now be able to dry fruits at home to prevent spoilage
Limeworks workers will now empty the small remains of quicklime from the kiln
Saves from Alpha 3 (before March 2021) are not supported anymore
Can now store bricks in a warehouse
If charcoal piles are placed nearby, they will be filled in a queue
Rowhouse store can now be a destination to move resources
Added help for supply options

“Continue” didn’t work for non-latin named files
Could use newborn oxen as draft animals
Some hire options didn’t “apply to all buildings”
Incorrect balance graph if all values are negative
Family tree listed separately-living siblings as children of weird age
Wrong model elevation during fulling mill construction
Another crash on demolishing rowhouses
Some other issues related to rowhouses
White lines on demolishing various buildings
Resources overlapped other UI items in some cases
Removing a cart to be relocated made recipient wait for it eternally
Crash in some UI actions
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December 14, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 4

• New building: pottery
• New resources
• Citizens will now buy earthenware from the market
• More variations of rowhouse roofs
• New building: brick arch
• Added help for saddlery
• Horses/Oxen age is now displayed in wagon/plough properties
• Slightly increased dairy productivity
• Added a message when someone moves in with their relatives
• Added an option to change bulls/rams livestock ratio to optimize for milk production

• Newborn cows and sheep tended to die of hunger during summer
• Inappropriate behavior while building a bridge
• A case of white lines during tree chopping
• Wrong status text for those riding a wagon
• Random crashes on emptying buildings
• Ash didn’t show as an available resource
• Treasury and Resources tab help wasn’t translated to English
• Sand stacks were rendered wrong
• [for real this time] Weird pathfinding behavior around iron ore mines (will stay in old saves)
• Carters could get stuck in their job cycle for too long
• People who died of sickness could also die from old age to boot
• Some buildings near water had incorrect selection visuals
• Could put a newborn ox to work
• Foresters could stuck forever trying to carry a tree
• Carpenters didn’t mind driving horseless wagons
• Draft animals in wagons and ploughs didn’t age
• A crash on save in late game
• A random crash during planting decorative trees
• Couldn’t empty stone storages
• Trade deals could get stuck in certain conditions
• Other minor fixes
All Ostriv Changelogs are available at

December 17, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 4 hotfix 1

• Crash when clicking on citizens moving in
• Several issues related to “Optimize bulls livestock”
All Ostriv Changelogs are available at

December 30, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 4 hotfix 2

• Can now put a rowhouse on hold during construction
• Added market stall models for earthenware, glassware and soap
• Added a notification for when a production building doesn’t have access to fuel of selected type

• Construction could get stuck in some cases
• Charcoal piles could stall if there’s a partially filled inactive pile nearby
• A few cases when “Optimize bulls livestock” didn’t work properly
• A few wild random crashes
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December 30, 2023
Alpha 5 patch 4 hotfix 3

• A construction bug introduced in the previous hotfix
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February 21, 2024
Alpha 5 patch 5

• Added a hotkey to temporarily hide the UI (for nice screenshots), which is ‘H’ by default
• Cart/wagon sheds will now prioritize special orders over construction supply
• Added a new panel to show all current delivery orders
• Village house gardens will now tend to split to more crop plots
• Some buildings will now automatically change their pavement style if nearby paved area
• Added hotkeys (F1/F2 by default) to change brush radius when marking trees
• A new rowhouse variation
• Two new fences
• New building: stone bridge
• Added tooltips on all family tree items
• New map with lots of unlimited resources and a nice lake
• Other minor changes

• Another case of construction getting stuck
• Cursor was invisible in fullscreen if mouse trail is enabled
• Couldn’t copy a barley field
• Some UI glitches related to vehicles/animals relocation
• A bull could be taken to two places at once leading to unexpected results
• Navigation issues between long village house fences
• “On hold” didn’t always work properly for rowhouses
• There was no lye supply option for ashery
• All plough oxen died exactly at the same age
• One of the roof variations added in the previous update never appeared in game
• Charcoal pile deliveries could stuck in a cycle
• Asheries could cycle-deliver ash to each other
• Some edge cases with sheep livestock optimization
• Couldn’t destroy a cart if it needed repair
• Visual glitches on some water wells
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February 21, 2024
Alpha 5 patch 5 hotfix 1

• The new map didn’t have fish
All Ostriv Changelogs are available at

February 23, 2024
Alpha 5 patch 5 hotfix 2

• Crash on hovering a grave icon in the family tree
• Bridges didn’t connect land properly in some cases
• The last update messed up “On hold” checks a bit
• Crash on fishing boat departure in some older saves
All Ostriv Changelogs are available at

March 5, 2024
Alpha 5 patch 5 hotfix 3

• Slightly reduced the amount of tallow produced

• Wooden bridges didn’t demolish properly (if you already started, cancel and demolish again)
• Multiple crashes related to delivery orders
• [for real this time] People who died of sickness could also die from old age to boot
• Another crash related to fishing boats
• Slaughtering very young animals didn’t give any resources
• Minor UI fixes
All Ostriv Changelogs are available at

March 14, 2024
Alpha 5 patch 5 hotfix 4

• Number of animals to buy is now zeroed by default

• Tavern migration requirements were wrong in some cases
• Long stuttering on building demolition
• Weird navigation around some wells
• Settings utility didn’t work properly
• Smelteries and fulling mills in some cases lead to navigation problems
• Other minor fixes
All Ostriv Changelogs are available at

March 15, 2024
Alpha 5 patch 5 hotfix 5

• Crash when placing decorations on trees in some cases
• Some debug lines on the fulling mill were left out
• Taxes were broken in the latest hotfix
• Corner houses didn’t blend in with pavement